Implemented policies and practices

Improving energy efficiency of municipal buildings

– Computer systems to allow citizens to complete administrative procedures online, preventing unnecessary journeys.

– Development of a municipal energy optimization plan.

– Completion of the energy certification of all municipal buildings.

– Connection and commissioning of the photovoltaic systems existing in 53 schools in the city.

– Installation of photovoltaic panels.

– Energy audit plan for all municipal buildings.

– Installation of thermal solar energy panels in housing projects developed by the City Council.

– Use of bioclimatic architecture techniques in housing design and construction.

– Improvement of efficiency in IMD pumping facilities.

– Installation of solar roofs in swimming pools, sports facilities and sports halls.

– Improvement of lighting efficiency in sports facilities.

– Swimming pool roofing systems with more efficient construction elements: Torreblanca and Tiro de Linea.

– Replacement of traditional lighting by LED at Lipasam’s central facility.

– Efficiency plan in Tussam’s facilities.

Developing a sustainable mobility model

– Electric vehicle charging station network.

– Incentives programme for the acquisition of efficient vehicles and replacement of old ones supported by European funds.

– Incentives for efficient commercial vehicles supported by European funds.

– Adaptation of buildings to house charging stations for electric vehicles.

– Renovation of Lipasam’s fleet with the acquisition of electric vehicles.

– Increase of number of side-loading waste collection vehicles.

– Increase of the use of biofuels to 30% in Lipasam’s fleet.

– Approval of a sustainable development plan.

– Support to the airport’s mobility plan.

– Continuity of already-existing bus lanes.

– Extension of the bus lane network to more than ten major streets.

– Tram platform until San Bernardo.

– Extension of tramline until Santa Justa.

– Bicycle network of Seville.

– Pedestrianization of strategic streets.

– Implementation of one-way streets.

– Construction of subways to improve traffic.

– Establishment of speed limits in the city’s streets. 20, 30 and 50 km/h.

– Designation of low-emission areas with traffic restrictions.

– Carsharing programme.

– Efficient driving course for taxi drivers.

– School paths in schools.

– Establishment of a natural gas-powered bus fleet.

– Acquisition of 30 additional natural gas-powered buses in Tussam.

– Advertising campaigns to promote public transport use.

– Efficient driving system in Tussam’s fleet.

– Commissioning of a new hybrid bus.

– New BRT lines in Sevilla Este and Pino Montano

Promoting renewable energies and energy saving

– Procedure for the classification and certification of energy management and sustainability in private installations, works or activities.

– Incentives for the installation of solar panels via tax discounts.

– Educational Green Home Programme to promote sustainable home consumption and energy saving in households.

– Education and awareness raising programmes in schools and universities.

– Environmental education programmes.

– Use of more efficient and less consuming light bulbs in the gate and overall lighting of the April Fair Site.

– Production of renewable energy in the photovoltaic plants located in Parque Este and the San Diego vacuum waste collection facility.

– Recovery and use of the biogas generated in the landfill.

– Solar photovoltaic plant on the roofs of Tussam’s workshops and offices.

– Natural gas filling station in Tussam.

Urban planning model of the city

– Assessment of potential for optimization and use of natural urban runoff water.

– Replacement of streetlights with reflector by new ones with reflector and less power.

– Replacement of mercury vapour lamps by sodium vapour lamps with less power.

– Reduction of energy use through the introduction of voltage regulators at the grid heads.

– Centralization of public lighting control.

– Plantation of trees in empty tree wells across the city.

– Studies to expand the use of bitter oranges in Seville.

– Identification of space sand projects for green areas in vertical arrangement in Seville.