Rainfall in the Guadalquivir river basin exceeds by 33% the historic average in the hydrological year to date

According to the rainfall report of the Automated Hydrologic Information System (SAIH) of the Guadalquivir River Basin Authority, an entity under the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment, total rainfall since the beginning of the hydrological year (1 October) has been 197 mm in average, which accounts for a 33% increase as compared to the 149 mm average of the last 25 years.

The month of November has been the key for this result. It should be recalled that rainfall in October equalled the average in the historic series; however, the figure has increase substantially in November. Indeed, rainfall in November was 67% higher than the average of the last 25 years for the same period.

The records of the SAIH show that average rainfall in the reservoirs of the Guadalquivir river basin I November reached 122 mm, whereas the historic average is just 73 mm.

The highest rainfall in November took place in the western area of the basin, with peak values in the Guadalquivir basin, whereas in the eastern area rainfall was more uniform although less heavy.

This excess rainfall when compared to the historic average has been recorded in all the provinces located in the basin, with the only exception of the reservoirs of the province of Huelva.

Suh increase has been especially significant in the province of Seville, where the November average reached 258 mm, 44% above the historic series (180 mm). There have been also significant increases in the Guadalquivir river basin reservoirs in the provinces of Ciudad Real (+32%) and Cordoba and Granada, where rainfall increased by 28% over the historic series. Average rainfall in the province of Jaen was 172 mm, which is 20% more than the average of the last 25 months of November.

Only the Guadalquivir river basin reservoirs in the province of Huelva recorded rainfall below the average, with a 30% decrease.

In absolute terms the highest average rainfalls in November were recorded in the reservoirs of the provinces of Seville (258 mm) and Cordoba (237 mm), whereas the lowest occurred in the reservoirs of the provinces of Huelva (126 mm) and Granada (136 mm).

Considering all the reservoirs in the Guadalquivir river basin, the Jose Toran reservoir, located in the municipalities of Constantina, Lora del Rio and La Puebla de los Infantes, in the Sierra Norte district of Sevilla, recorded the highest rainfall (218 mm). In the top of the ranking were also the reservoirs located in the province of Cordoba, Guadanuño and Retortillo (198 mm) and Guadalmellato (186 mm). At the other end, we can find the Aracena (56 mm) and Zufre (70.9) reservoirs in Huelva, and the San Clemente (70.8) reservoir in Granada.

Rainfall in November has allowed the reservoirs of the Guadalquivir river basin to increase by 1.6% de water they store, which now totals 4,031 cubic hectometres, 129 more than at the end of October.

Sources: Confederación Hidrográfica del Guadalquivir